I sent an email question but have not heard back?

We get a lot of emails looking for pieces that are retired or not available. If you don't hear back then we don't know of a retailer that has it or it is old enough that it is sold out everywhere. We try to answer every email but it may take more than a few days as everyone at Wee Forest Folk is super busy with each of us wearing many hats. Thank you for your understanding.

Why are new designs not available on your site?

In order to support our retailers we give them first dibs on all new introductions. We will make them available for purchase after a few weeks.

What does it mean for a piece to be retired?

When Wee Forest Folk retires a piece, it means it will never be produced again at our factory. We produced this piece until we decided there were enough made and then ended its production. We need to have room for new pieces and when retired it preserves its value. Any pieces still for sale are part of the initial run. If you own this piece, it becomes one of the only of these ever made.  

What is the difference between "Limited" and "Retired?"

When Wee Forest Folk creates a limited piece, we set a limit at which we will stop production, this number is lower to what we will usually produce before we retire a piece.

Can I still buy a piece once it has been retired?

If there are still pieces available and it has not sold out after the piece is retired, it will be offered for sale. Once it runs out, it will not be for sale again on our website. Once in a while we find an old critter hiding away so you may see a retired piece available here and there again. Sign up for our emails announcing these great finds! You may also find retired pieces at one of our retailer's store. See the store locator.

When do you announce retired pieces for the year?

We send an email to our subscribers sometime in January or February to announce the retired pieces for the previous year. If you would like to receive these announcements, please sign up for our newsletter.

My child loves the mice. Are they a toy?

Wee Forest Folk miniatures are fragile and have small parts. They are not a toy.

I want to collect Wee Forest Folk. Do you have a collectors club?

There is a Wee Forest Folk Collector's Club. You can find it here.

How do I clean my Wee Forest Folk pieces?

Use a soft dry paintbrush and perhaps a very slightly damp q-tip to clean the nooks and crannies, especially the eyes.

How do I display my Wee Forest Folk pieces?

The best way to display Wee Forest Folk is behind glass to keep them dust free. We have a display case that you can purchase here.

I have a broken mouse. Do you do repairs?

Your piece needs a trip to the mouse doctor! Contact him here.

How are Wee Forest Folk priced?

Each part of the production process is completed by hand by one of our local artists. Everything from sculpting to painting requires highly developed skills and requires time to create each and every intricate detail from start to finish. We proudly employ skilled artists from the New England area which is reflected in the price of a piece. When you buy a Wee Forest Folk, you are supporting our talented artists, our small family business and products made in USA. Read about our process and our story.