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New Work

Halloween on a Hay Bale
Item # M-530
Halloween on a Hay Bale ~Fairy costumes, balloons and yummy donuts...there must be a party going on!! Sculpted by Donna. 2" x 1.75" $162
Bushy Tail's Trail
Item # M-531
Bushy Tail's Trail ~Got acorns?! This little mouse is dressed as a squirrel for this Halloween. He's as cute as can be! Sculpted by Donna. 2" x 1.5" $110
Curious Crow
Item # M-532
Curious Crow ~"Shiver me timbers, this crow wants my Halloween goodies!" No pirate wants to share his booty! Sculpted by Donna. 1.625" x 1.5" $118
Drawn Together
Item # M-533
Drawn Together ~Two are best buddies in their Halloween crayon costumes. So cute! *May be purchased as pictured or personalized with certain colors for an additional cost. Please contact a WFF retailer for details. Sculpted by Willy. 2" x 1.5" $98
Item # M-534
Venomouse ~Eight legs and many eyes make for a scary-cute Halloween costume! Sculpted by Willy. 1.5" x 1" $68
Tally Ho!
Item # M-535
Tally Ho! ~Over the hill and far away! This mouse made his pony costume all by himself! All he needed was a box, some paint and some rope for a tail. Sculpted by Willy. 1.375" x 1.125" $70
Souper Man
Item # M-536
Souper Man ~Cream of Mousie soup. One adorable serving with a cracker! YUM! Sculpted by Willy. 1.5" x 1" $76
S'more Please!
Item # M-537
S'more Please! ~Who can resist this sweet campfire treat! Halloween never tasted so good! Sculpted by Willy. 1.75" x 1.625" $66
Gouda Boy
Item # M-538
Gouda Boy ~Cheese, si'l vous plait? He's such a good boy! Sculpted by Willy. 1.25" x 1.125" $76
Popcorn Partier
Item # M-539
Popcorn Partier ~Popping up for this Halloween! There's always time for a tasty popcorn treat, especially this one! Sculpted by Willy. 1.5" x .875" $68
I'm a Little Teapot
Item # M-540
I'm a Little Teapot ~Here is my handle, here is my spout! Dressed for Halloween trick or treating this little pumpkin teapot is ready to get some sweets to go with a spot of tea! Sculpted by Willy. 1.375" x 1" $66
Tiny Teacup
Item # M-541
Tiny Teacup ~A tiny Halloween teacup to go with the Halloween pumpkin teapot. A very cute twosome! Sculpted by Willy. 1" x .75" $58
Strawberry Sweetie
Item # M-542
Strawberry Sweetie ~There's nothing more sweet than an adorable mouse dressed for Halloween as a teeny strawberry. Look at those striped leggings! Sculpted by Willy. 1.375" x .875" $68
Magical Creatures
Item # M-323b
Magical Creatures ~Magical Creatures for sale! Cats, bats, dragons and frogs! Will they help make your dreams come true? 2.5" x 3" *Limited until October 31, 2015. $264
Spooky Smorgasbord
Item # M-302d
Spooky Smorgasbord ~Purchase this table as pictured or personalize it by choosing from an array of accessories for an additional cost. 1.5" x 2.5" *See your WFF retailer for details. Limited until October 31, 2015. $264
Wee Pumpkins Three
Item # A-28
Wee Pumpkins Three ~These three pumpkins are scared batty! 1.5" x .625" $48
Item # A-29
Tombstone Kitty ~Spooky kitty! .75" x 1.125" $38
Apple basket
Item # A-30
Apple Basket ~Apples ready for bobbing! .625" x .75" $74

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Visiting your factory is on my BUCKET LIST.  I am a long time fan. Thanks!
Tina K.
Myersville, MD
I DO want to be included on your mailing list and receive the new catalog. LOVE WFF....they are addictive! Thank you! Mouse hugs!
Lee Ann S.
Oh my gosh who would ever ask to be removed from your mailing list. I've been a collector since 1990 and I can't even imagine not getting your mailings. Please keep me on your list forever.
Elizabeth S.
Cherry Hill, NJ
I would love to receive the new catalog for 2012 so I can choose a new mouse!
Joanne P.
Columbia City, OR
I have been collecting "Wee Forest Folk" since 1975, when we lived in Concord. I have also bought them for family members anytime I see a suitable one. They make me very happy and I know, those who receive one enjoy them, too.
Marsha C.
Potomac Falls, VA
I have been collecting Wee Forest Folk since 1985 when I bought Snowmouse and Friend for myself and Little Sledders for my sister
Martha L.
Lebanon, CT
I’ve been a collector since 1992.  My first figurine was M-066 (“Babysitter”), which my husband gave me to celebrate the birth of our first child!
Cathi C.
I have been collecting your family's delightful mice since 1986 and adore them! I love Wee Forest Folk <3 !!
Janie Q.
Tulsa, OK
Love the new patriotic mice - will have a tough time deciding on just one!!!
Nancy C.
Port Chester, NY
These little mice are among my favorite things.
Jeanne K.
Gresham, OR.
…thanks for creating such special quality creatures that give us so much joy. Thank you.
Ginger D.
Mesa, AZ
Yes, I would like to receive your new 2012 Wee Forest Folk catalog!! In fact, the day the catalog arrives is one of the best days of the year! My first mice arrived at my house in 1989!
Mary B.
Lincoln, NE
Hello, please include me on your mailing list so I may receive the 2012 catalog, thank you! And I’m adding my mother as well (she does not have email) we have both been collectors since the 70’s!!!!! We love WFF!!!!! Thank you!!!
Debby C.
Hamburg, NJ
Good Evening, I hope all is well in Mouseville. Thank you for bringing smiles into our days with your wonderful creations. Have a Blessed day!
Lynette G.
Brasstown, NC
I have over 100 Wee Forest Folk mice and have been collecting them since 1984. My Wee Forest Folk Collection brings me lots of joy and is a great conversation piece for guests in my home. They are displayed prominently in an oak case in the entrance of my home. Thanks!
Ramona H.
Madison, MS
WFF are one of the best highlights of my life…
Allison B.
Lake Oswego, OR
I love my WFF. Please don't stop the catalogs.
Lynda R.
Huntington Beach, CA
Don't know what I would do if I didn't get a WFF fix now and then.
Sheila W.
Tulsa, OK
Please keep me on the mailing list, even a brochure of the mice makes me smile. Thanks!
Carolyn O.
Waxahachie, TX
I would love to receive the new 2012 Wee Forest Folk catalog!  I love these little guys! Thanks!!
Jackie S.
My little mouse collection brings me endless joy. Your work is such a gift. Thank you
Mary T.
Ridgeland, MS
I just love these little mice. They make me smile every time I look at them. My collection must number about 150 by now.
Cindy L.
Littleton, CO
I have been a Wee Forest Folk collector since the early 90’s. I have about 60 pieces and just LOVE them! Yes, I definitely want to be on your mailing list. Thanks!
Toni H.
Springfield, OH
Please send me the 2012 catalog so I can continue my love affair with Wee Forest Folk mice and bears. Thank you.
Franny M.
Your mice are one of the few things I have loved my whole life!!
Carlene K.
McClure, PA
I love your little mice and still want to be on your mailing list. Thank you for all you do.
Donette S.
Orem, UT
I've been collecting since 1986 and love the little guys.
Rebecca D.
Brea, CA
My daughter counted up the mice in my cabinet the other day and announced, "Mom, did you know you have 55 of these little creatures??" Yes, I know, and I love them all. Please keep me on your mailing list! I haven't adopted a new mouse in, gosh, 4 months now. Must be time! Thanks!
Diane F.
Fort Collins, CO
Love your mice!!!
Michelle M.
Whitinsville, MA
I love the mice and my collection is growing. Thank you!
Emma F.
Elizabeth, NJ
Yes, I really want to be kept informed of all mice news and specials. I have been a long time collector. My first piece was Mouse Call, the little doctor mouse, bought in Pebble Beach, California at a little shop shaped like a tree. One mouse demanded lots of company, so that is how my collection started. Thank you.
Jeanne F.
Downey, CA
I still enjoy remembering the tour of your factory a few years ago.  I hope all is going well with you and that Annette remains well and creative.
Sharon S.
At present, I have 167 of the figurines and am always interested in what is being added to the mice family.
Linda A.
Canton, OH
I adore them. A few years ago friends and I visited your family business in Massachusetts and received a special piece - We were thrilled to meet Annette Petersen and that she would spend some time with us. It is still one of my favorite memories.
Norma N.
Esperance, NY
My Wee Forest Folk have their own 6 ft. high collectors cabinet, and their own insurance policy that even covers Earthquake insurance. I have several hundred Wee Forest Folk. I bought my 1st ones 1983 in Concord, MA while back there for my husband's college reunion in Boston. We will be back there again next year for his 50th reunion in Boston and our grandson's college graduation from Amherst.
Paula C.
West Hills, CA
Congrats on 40 years!  I have been collecting since 1984.
Sue F.
I love the mice, thank you for the humor and joy they bring into my life.
Elizabeth M.
Montgomery, TX
Kathy, my wife, has been collecting these wonderful critters for three plus decades. Continue the fine creative work.
Fred and Kathy W.
Worcester, MA
I've been collecting WFF since 1981 and I'm still so excited to see each new catalog.
Decatur, IL
My wife has your mice EVERYWHERE! She'd never forgive me if we fell off of your mailing list :0) THANKS!
Mark J.
Frederick, MD
I love your mice & hope to increase my large collection this year.  :)  Thanks.
Louann E.
I love Wee Forest Folk and have a very nice collection and am adding often. Thank you.
Jan A.
Pretty please! I love your wee mice.
Beki W.
Covington, WA
I began my collection in 1986 and have over 450 pieces. …the Wee Forest Folk are my longtime 'visitors' throughout the seasons.
Mary B.
Tinley Park, IL
Your mice are so cute. I have bought, or received as a gift, at least one Wee Forest Folk since 1987. Thank you for these adorable keepsakes!
Cindy S.
Bowling Green, OH
I have been a customer since the 1980's. I have 100 mice and they all have a special meaning to me.
Carolyn A.
Chicago, IL
I have been collecting your little treasured creations since I had my first job in 1980. They are fabulous. I have always been enthralled with miniatures and when I first saw your mice in a small gift shop in Verona, Pennsylvania, I have been hooked. I bought them for years when I was single and got my paychecks. Years later, my husband and kids started giving them to me for birthdays and Mother's Day. If I was independently wealthy, I would buy them all! Your workmanship and attention to detail is incredible. I would love to visit your "workshop" if that is an option someday. Thank you very much for the smiles you bring to my face. Your mice are my one "vice"! Take care.
Sharon D.
Munroe Falls, OH
I also want to congratulate you on your 40th anniversary. I still love your little Wee Forest Folk after 26 years of collecting and I haven't stopped!!!! You just get better and better with age!
Mona W.
Downey, CA
I need to know what's available so I can drop hints to my husband!! You make such delightful little "folk".
Sharon O.
I have been collecting your mice for years and really love them. Thank you.
Sue S.